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                Company Profile Company Honors Company Culture History Public Welfare Technical YUYUE
                Company Honors

                2005 Shandong Outstanding Company Culture Achievement


                2006 Provincial Advanced Unit of Double-base Work of Safety Production

                Shandong Advanced Unit of Textile Industry Safety Production

                Shandong Company Culture Construction Demonstration Unit

                Shandong Ankang Cup Competition Superior Enterprise

                Shandong Top Brand

                Advanced Unit of National Textile Enterprise Harmonious Construction


                2007 Provincial Advanced Unit of Double-base Work of Safety Production

                200709-201009Shandong Top Brand

                Secondary Safety Production Standardization Enterprise

                Shandong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association Member

                Shandong Validated Enterprise Technical Center

                Shandong Customer Satisfaction Products

                Shandong Customer Satisfaction Product “YUYUE” Home Textiles

                National May 1st Labor Certificate

                China Top Brand


                Shandong Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization

                Shandong Well-treat Peasant Laborer Harmonious Enterprises

                Enterprise Technology Innovation Award

                Shandong Consumer Satisfaction Unit

                Shandong Best Credit Integrity Customer of Banking Industry

                Shandong Top 100 Private Enterprises in the 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up

                Shandong Advanced Enterprises in Foreign Trade and Economy

                Chinese Patent Shandong Star Enterprise


                Shandong Top Brand

                Women Entrepreneurship Training Base (May, 2009)

                Shandong Environmental-Friendly Enterprises

                Shandong Top 100 Foreign Trade Enterprises

                Advanced Private Enterprise

                100 Leading Brands of Shandong in the 60 years of New China



                Women Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base

                Shandong Textile Industry "Golden Blue Collar" Training Project Advanced Units

                National “Women Contribution” Competition Activity Advanced Unit (2013)

                Shandong Consumer Satisfaction Unit

                Shandong Demonstration Enterprise of Individual Private Economy Practicing Scientific Outlook on Development

                “Development of Low-carbon Economy· Qilu Billboard” Shandong Low-carbon Normative Unit

                Shandong Low-carbon Normative Unit

                Chinese Patent Shandong Star Enterprise

                Shandong Environmental Friendly Technology Promotion Award

                National Demonstration Site of Staff Education and Training

                Honesty-based, Quality First China Quality Sinceruty Enterprise


                Shandong Energy Monitoring Automation Control Center

                Shandong Women Contribution Model Site

                The First Enterprises to Fulfill Social Responsibility Standards

                Shandong Innovation Outstanding Contribution Company of Production and Research Cooperation

                Famous Brand of Shandong Province

                Shandong Top 10 Comprehensively Competitive Enterprises of Textile Industry in the Eleventh Five-year


                2011-2013 Shandong Key Cultivated and Developed International Famous Brand

                Jan. 2012, Department of Commerce of Shandong Province

                Civilized and Honest Private Enterprises

                Shandong Electronic Commerce Enterprise

                Shandong Consumer Satisfaction Unit

                Shandong Star Enterprise

                Chinese Patent Shandong Star Enterprise (2012-2014)

                Labor Union Female Workers Training Normal School

                Shandong Sino-American Cooperative Research Center of Cleaner Production Dyeing and Finishing Technology 2012-2014

                National Ankang Cup Competition Winning Unit

                Class AA Customs Management Enterprise Mar. 2012