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                Home Brand History NEW PRODUCTS Contact Us
                Brand History

                Shandong Binyue Textile Co., Ltd is located located in the efficient ecological economic zone of Yellow River delta of Binzhou, Shandong. It was a subordinate company of YUYUE Group founded in May, 2018 and put into production in July, 2018. 

                The company produces more than 5 million outdoor products such as tent backpacks and outdoor clothing annually. The company inherits the company vision of " To create a comfortable, healthy, environmental-friendly and colorful lifestyle through superior technology " and is committed to product development and innovation, and constantly develops new products to satisfy the needs of the market. The company always adhere to the customer first from product design, production, and after-sales service to provide service of "think what customers think, urgent what customer need urgently" in every section of production and service, so as to provide quality and perfect service for customers.

                The company has a group of specialized personnel engaged in outdoor product development and production. With a complete production workshop and exhibition space, a complete quality assurance system, and a three-dimensional sales network, the company provides consumers with diversified products, which are recognized by consumers. It established long-term cooperative relations with more than 10 international buyers such as DECATHLON, Amazon, and Seatosummit.

                The company laboratory is approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment and wins CNAS certificate, also being the authorized laboratory of French Decathlon with test results accepted by Decathlon.

                We inherit the idea of “Integrity, Engagement, Innovation, Growth, Inclusiveness, Dedication” and wholeheartedly provide customers at home and abroad with high quality and ideal outdoor products.