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                Overview of the scenic area

                YUYUE International Home Creative Sharing Platform -National AAA National Grade Tourist Site YUYUE Home Textile Design& Exhibition Center

                Hey! Do you have the goal of traveling around the world? If you haven't achieved it yet, let YUYUE Home Textile Design& Exhibition Center realizes you a small goal firstly. This center will take you to travel around the world and show you the global textile culture and charm!

                Through a time tunnel, we are placed under the 360-degree dome of the big screen. From the Paleolithic age, we explore the development and evolution of textile tools and textiles step by step. It has to be said that the treasure here, the dragon robe of Emperor Qianlong embroidered with the golden dragon. You can still feel the royal majesty after more than 200 years. The dragon robe of Empress Xiaosheng is much gentle, but the whole dragon robe is also quite magnificent. Through the dragon robe seems to be able to see how the empress lead the imperial harem…

                In the fiber pool, we can see all kinds of fibers in the world, enjoy and touch textiles of various regional customs in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. Africa is a mysterious place, where there is a unique local color, and there is an illusion of living in Africa.

                Do you how to sleep? With this question in mind, we come to YUYUE Home Textile Design& Exhibition Center, where the most professional team of experts will help you solve the problem of sleep, from the standard sleeping environment to comfortable pillows, soft and hard suitable mattresses, supporting with smart home, high-tech sleep products, creating a comprehensive quality sleep.

                After visiting YUYUE Home Textile Design& Exhibition Center, do you want to take away a few favorite textile articles, comfortable skin-friendly antibacterial four-piece set? Or a fine linen shirt suit from an Italian designer; Smart thermal underwear; Intelligent music pillow; Intelligent anti-snoring pillow; Warm moxibustion therapy bed...

                Visiting YUYUE Home Textile Design& Exhibition Center will broaden your horizons and provide you with a pleasant experience in the sea of home culture, textile art and health care technology.