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                Home Brand History NEW PRODUCTS Contact Us
                Reengineer natural fiber with health and fashion
                ABOUT YUE BAST

                At 48.5696 N, 32.31469 E, the great plains of Ukraine, one of the three black lands in the world, there is a plenty of organic matters.

                The plantation of YUE BAST naturally enables the flax fiber with antibacterial substance and diversity of chemical elements, which contribute to the special quality of YUE BAST.  

                Innovative textile printing and dyeing process with the original design of Italian fashion master and unique sewing process.

                YUE BAST has an integrated industrial chain production system from flax planting, spinning, weaving, printing& dyeing to finished product sewing.

                05 服装
                04 面料
                03 纱线
                02 纤维
                01 亚麻种植∩基地


                High-end men's wear

                YUE BAST

                High-end women's wear

                NEW PRODUCTS
                YUE BAST has 3 fabric collections and 3 fashion brands including Italy SUPERLINO high-end men's wear brand, YUE BAST high-end women's wear brand, QVEC fast fashion brand.
                Contact Information
                YUE BAST
                Address: No. 1, Xin 2 Road, High-tech Development Zone, Binzhou City
                Contact: Mr. Cheng
                phone: 18854303366
                Contact: Mr. Qiao
                phone: 18854303330