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                Company Profile Company Honors Company Culture History Public Welfare Technical YUYUE
                Foundation of Prosperous Business

                Created the “YUYUE Speed “of "set up project, construct, produce and create income in the same year". The sales revenue was 264 million yuan.

                Capacity Expansion

                The construction of the second-stage project was started. The printing workshop and No.2 dyeing workshop were newly established. The sales revenue reached 650 million yuan.

                Going Global

                Comprehensive cooperation with international business giants such as IKEA, Walmart and American Standard. Full range of products were supplied and the sales revenue was doubled.

                Won Honors

                Liu Yuexing, the chairman of YUYUE won the National May 1st Labor Certificate.

                The first "YUYUE· Global Home Textile Association Presidents Round Table Meeting" co-organized by YUYUE was held in Shanghai.

                Science and Technology Power

                The high-grade anti-bacterial home textile fabric made from X-Static Silver ion/ cotton blended fiber and the project result of study on its printing and dyeing process, SeaCell marine organism reactive antibacterial fiber home textile fabric and the study on its printing and dyeing process, The industrialization development project of high-speed digital inkjet high-precision printing technology were listed in the Shandong high-tech independent innovation project, Shandong key technology innovation project, Shandong significant industrialization technology and equipment special project. Technology injected great vitality into the company's development.

                Expansion of Spinning Capability

                YUYUE Home Textile Co., Ltd Special Fiber Branch was founded. The R&D and production of special fibers were speeded up.

                In the same year, the company won the title of "Chinese Patent Shandong Star Enterprises".

                Quality Revolution

                3-year Excellent Performance Management Consultation and training, CQI Quality Continuous Improvement kick-off meeting was held in YUYUE.

                In the same year, YUYUE was awarded "Shandong Innovative Pioneer Enterprise".

                The high-grade anti-bacterial home textile fabric made from X-Static Silver ion/ cotton blended fiber and the project result of study on its printing and dyeing process was listed in National Torch Plan by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

                Lean Operation and Maintenance

                YUYUE ranked the 4th place of 1074 IKEA suppliers and was awarded excellent partner by IKEA. In the same year, YUYUE was awarded the Top 10 Companies of Home Textile Industry issued by China National Textile and Apparel Council as well as " Advanced Private Enterprise in National Employment and Social Security."

                Captured Titles

                “Research and Industrialization of the Key Cotton Cold Pad Batch Dyeing Technology” won the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

                YUYUE was listed in the project list of 2012 "Shandong International (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) Technical Cooperation Platform".

                China National Textile and Apparel Council Environmental Production and Resource Saving Committee organized 36 energy saving experts to make onsite "energy saving diagnose" in YUYUE, which started the "Textile Industry Companies Million Energy Saving Free Diagnose" Activity. The company was awarded “Industry Leader of Water Efficiency”. 

                Integration and Cultivation

                Shandong Yellow River Delta Institute of Textile Science and Technology was officially opened and operated.

                Qingdao Mei Jia Sheng Da High-tech Material Co., Ltd was registered.

                Binzhou Jia Heng Gas Co., Ltd was put into operation.

                YUYUE Bonds was issued successfully. YUYUE was the first company of Binzhou issued corporate bond.

                New Driving Force for Main Business

                A series of key projects including extension of wax printing workshop and sewing workshop, construction of chemicals workshop, R&D workshop and multi-function pool were started.

                In the same year, the company set up “Product Design& Development Center” jointly with many first-class universities in China. Scientific research projects won many industry awards.

                YUYUE chairman Liu Yuxing was awarded 2013 Innovative Personality of China Textile Industry.

                Glorious Brand

                The brand terminal stores of the company YUYUE Home was opened.

                The Meeting of IKEA China Retailers was held in YUYUE.

                The company was awarded China Famous Brand again.

                The Year of Harvest

                The project "Research and Industrialization of Rotary Screen Printing with High Precision and Key Technology of Cleaner Production" was awarded National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, which was the second time YUYUE won this prize.

                The company signed the cooperation agreement on linen planting with Ukraine.

                Together with Peking University, Binzhou Medical University and China Sleep Research Society, YUYUE Sleep Research Center was established.

                Department of Science& Technology of Shandong Province and Department of Finance jointly approved YUYUE to establish "Shandong Ecological Textile Technology Innovation Center”.


                Lengthways and Landscape Orientation Collaboration

                International textile technology research and development sharing platform YUYUE Design& Exhibition Center was built and put into operation.

                The product of our company was equipped in the No. 515 Destroyer Binzhou of Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy.

                The company signed strategic cooperation agreement with Qingdao University to carry out deep cooperation with the College of Medicine, College of Automation and Information and College of Textile.

                Expansion of New Fields

                The construction of Xinyue Smart Health Industrial Park was started.

                The new antibacterial IR material was grandly released in Louvre Museum in Paris. The antibacterial rate remained above 99% after 100 times of washing, which reaches the world's leading level.

                “The Key Technology of Reactive Dyes Salt-Free Dyeing” was awarded “China Top 10 Textile Technologies”, which achieved the industrial application of salt-free dyeing technology for the first time in the world.

                The "3.21 World Sleep Day China Theme Presentation" jointly hosted by YUYUE and China Sleep Research Association was held in Beijing, which opened a new chapter in the Chinese sleep health industry.

                The company became "Shandong Provincial National Economy Mobilization Center". YUYUE has been the equipment supplier of Tibet Military Region since 2019 to help our national defense.

                The “YUYUE Design& Exhibition Center” industrial tourism project was awarded the national AAA-level tourist attraction.

                Reengineer natural fiber with health and fashion